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Lure Coursing
There is little doubt an Afghan Hound was born to run. You see it in your hound every day. A squirrel, a bird, one of their kennel mates - they stalk and SPRING, running silently and swiftly toward their "prey."

Lure coursing is the ultimate exercise for your hound's natural prey drive in a controlled environment. The lure may be a piece of fur, but more often than not it's a white plastic bag. No matter. Lure coursing mimics the zig and zag of a small animal -- and most sighthounds find that very exciting.

In lure coursing, Afghans run in groups of up to three at a time. Though these hounds may have never seen each other before, each seems to know instinctively their role in the chase. It's thrilling to watch your dog do what it was born to do!

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