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Nutmeg Afghan Hound Club, Inc.

Nutmeg Afghan Hound Club, Inc.

First and Foremost for the Betterment of the Breed

Club History

The Nutmeg Afghan Hound Club was established around 1973, by a group of Afghan Hound owners who simply wanted to promote the betterment of their breed.

Originally named for Connecticut’s nickname "the Nutmeg state", current members hail from all over New England and parts of New York. We meet approximately six times per year in the greater Hartford, Connecticut area.

The club has since grown both in purpose and numbers with many of the original members still actively involved.

Joan Freda (Sha Rhea Afghan Hounds), a founding member of our club shares her humorous memories of our club's humble beginnings.

Please join us for our annual activities:

  • Spring Match Show - A good place to meet new friends and socialize your puppies. A companion lure coursing trial is often held at this match, offering an opportunity to practice run a puppy, retired champion, beloved pet or test a hound for lure coursing certification.

  • AKC Specialty Show - Held each February, attracts approximately 80 of the finest Afghan Hounds from across the country. This premier event offers an exciting opportunity for both exhibitors and spectators to behold our breath-taking breed at its finest.

  • Lure Coursing Trials - Both AKC and ASFA trials, tests and training opportunities, with proceeds donated to Afghan Hound Rescue.

  • Afghan Hound Rescue - An integral part of Nutmeg's philosophy. At every Specialty, we host a Parade of Rescued Afghan Hounds.

  • Public Awareness and Responsible Dog Ownership - Priority goals for Nutmeg. We take every opportunity to participate in educational opportunities for the public.

  • Our annual Holiday Party - An exciting affair hosted by a different club member each year. We look forward to seeing you there!

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