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2015 Calendar of Events
DateEvent Description

Sat. - 02/14/15Specialty Show
Wed. - 03/18/15Membership Meeting, 8:00 pm.
Select judges for 2015 Spring Match Show.
Nominate judges for Feb & June 2016 shows.
Sun. - 04/05/15Supported Entry at Trap Falls KC, W. Springfield, MA
Sun. - 04/26/15Spring Match Show
Membership Meeting immediately following Match Show.
Appoint nominating committee.
Vote on nominated judges for both 2016 Specialty Shows. Finalize plans for June 2015 Specialty.
Fri. - 06/13/15Specialy Show
Wed. - 07/15/15Membership Meeting, 8:00 pm.
Nominations announced and nominations accepted from the floor.
Wed. - 08/19/15Annual Meeting and Annual Elections.
Wed. - 10/14/15Membership Meeting, 8:00 pm.
2016 Specialty Show planning. Holiday Party planning.
Sat. - 11/07/15Obedience Trial.
Sun. - 12/05/15Supported Entry at Eastern Dog Club, W. Springfield, MA
Sat. - 12/12/15Holiday Party.
Flyer with details to follow.

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