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Elations Autumn Regis, CD, FCh


If one believes in furry soul mates - she was mine. From the moment I saw this long legged fuzzy puppy I wanted her. She, being the quintessential Afghan Hound (even as a 3 month old youngster) ignored me and continued playing squeaky mouse "keep away" with her brothers and sisters.

Once home she settled into her new family and new life seamlessly. Regis (named after the St. Regis Winery) chose me as her favorite person, When you are the "Chosen One" in your Af's eyes, it is an honor and you form a very special bond.

Regis and I had quite a few adventures together! She indulged me by getting a C.D. and I reveled in her coursing!

I went through a lot of upheavals in my life yet she was my one constant. During hard times I cried into her hairy neck and "Weed" (her nickname -- if you have an Afghan you know why!) - ever patient -- would go to the end of the bed, maintaining her Afghan aloofness and dignity; but then turned those liquid brown eyes to me with compassion and a telepathic understanding and consolation.

When cancer took her away she was a few months past her 13th birthday. The only consolation I have is that she died at home. On her couch.

My heart still hurts. Tears still sting. She is so sorely missed.

- Virginia Katilus

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