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Am & Can Ch Palatrin Metal Storm Isameh, FCh
(Ch Elmos LapisLazuli x Ch Isameh's Lilah of Paladin)

1992 - 2004


When Whiskey was born, we had no intentions to keep him and raise another puppy. We still had too many dogs and our time clock was ticking. However, Whiskey had other ideas!

We had him until he was about 7 months old and then James Dalton came and saw him and instantly fell in love with him. He was captivated by his wonderful movement - hardly touching the ground - and his overall quality. He took him home and we co-owned him with James and John. James did a wonderful job of training and showing him and he made him a US and Canadian Champion.

Whenever he was with us, we took him lure coursing which he very much enjoyed and he very quickly became a very competitive lure coursing champion.

I am forever grateful how this worked out because Whiskey became my most favorite dog ever. Not only was he the most beautiful and correct Afghan I have ever seen, he also was a total joy to live with. After about 40 years in Afghans, we have owned and bred many lovely dogs - everyone a little different in character and wonderful in their own ways, but Whiskey was very special to me.

James did not want to compete with him in the Specials ring as he was still very involved with Whiskey's half sister "CC", who was a beautiful and very successful Champion in the US and in Canada - and we really did not care as in our mind there was no other dog that could compete with him anyhow!!!

We entered him in the Veterans Class at the 2000 Nutmeg Specialty at the age of 9 just to take him out to have fun (he always loved showing). When he won the Veterans class he had to compete against all the Champions in the Best of Breed competition, which at the Nutmeg Specialty is always the biggest and most competitive class in the show as most Champions who go to Westminster a few days after our show also enter in Nutmeg. He did not get BOB but he was awarded the first Award of Merits over all the other top dogs in the Country. Needless to say I was very proud of my Boy that day.


We did not advertise him as a stud dog but a few people who had seen him wanted to breed to him and he has sired some very lovely dogs. One of his sons in Canada become the No. 1 dog in that country for several years. He also sired some beautiful litters in the United States and many of todays beautiful Champions have Whiskey in their pedigree.

To us he was the most lovable companion and best friend anybody can have and we have the most wonderful memories of him.

I will miss him forever.

Heinz and Margarete Stanski
ISAMEH Afghans

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